• Oct 06, 2015
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Neutral Colors. Beautiful Rooms.

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A neutral color palette doesn’t have to be boring. To prove it, we’ve chosen 5 of our favorite rooms with neutral colors. Gray, beige and white just go a whole lot more interesting. With layers, textures and thoughtful details, a neutral color palette can sometimes give your eye more to look at and enjoy than one with many colors. And neutral doesn’t have to me there are no colors in your room. In fact, a colorful element can be even more impactful amongst neutral colors.

Neutral Bedrooms

When you are looking to relax, a neutral color palette can be calming and comforting. It also allows you to add lots of cozy layers without making the space feel cluttered. Use various textures from soft and fluffy to slick and luxurious to make your bedroom elegant and inviting. Don’t be afraid to mix gray with warmer wood tones in floors and furnishings.



Simplify Your Bathroom

A neutral palette in your bathroom keeps things clean and simple. Between a shower, tub, sinks and cabinets, there’s a lot to fit in a bathroom, especially if you are dealing with a small space. Keeping everything in the same color family will help create the illusion of space. Using similar tile on the floor and walls will also help.


Living Room Luxury

Keeping the major items in your living room in the same color range not only gives you a simply sophisticated look, it also gives you the opportunity to change you look frequently. Dress it up with a statement piece or keep it simple.


Divine Dining

Neutral colors are great for a dining space. This also allows you to create a mood for each occasion simply with your table setting. A bold table cloth or showstopper centerpiece can easily transform a neutral dining room for a special occasion. If you’re going with a light gray, beige or white for seating, look for a stain resistant fabric to keep your space function.




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