Hard Surface Flooring

Our hard surface selection here at Premier Carpet One caters to all your flooring needs!

Our Hard Surface Flooring

Imagine walking into a room with your favorite flooring. What would it be? Our dedicated staff here at Premier Carpet One is dedicated to helping you determine what hard surface product will you’re your needs best! Whether it’s wood flooring, bamboo, or laminate, we are here to help.

Wood Flooring

What is there to know about our hard surface products? We carry exclusive brands with options for different species of wood flooring, hardwood, cork, plank width, and more!

Hardwood is a must have for many people due to its quality and ambiance it brings to a home.

Cork has made a true appearance in society today with its modern take and resilient features.

Bamboo is a hard grass much like hardwood; its exotic beauty is favored and shares similar durable qualities, too.


One can’t go wrong when it comes to laminate, it’s tough, it’s stain resistant, and waterproof qualities make it desirable in houses with high traffic!