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Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Ohio

Both solid hardwood and even engineered hardwood floors can be refinished to look like new again. The difference is though that solid hardwood can be refinished up to five times, whereas engineered hardwood can only be done twice, depending on how thick the top wood veneer is. Refinishing your hardwood is a great option if you’re not ready to buy all new flooring, or just want to change up the color of your hardwood flooring.



Why do Hardwood Floors need to be Refinished?

New hardwood floors are coated with a polyurethane wear layer, which over time gets worn off by sand, dirt, and other debris that is carried in by shoes or your pet’s paws. Without the coating, your bare hardwood floors can begin to absorb the sand and dirt as well as any moisture and begin to swell.  UV rays from direct sunlight can also bleach your hardwood floors.



Hardwood Floor Refinishing Benefits

If any of this has happened to your hardwood floors, you don’t have to worry about completely replacing them. Our flooring experts can help you get your old floors looking brand new again with our hardwood refinishing services. Depending on how bad the damage is, we can buff out scratches or completely sand down your floors to make them look brand new and add a fresh coat of finish to bring back their original luster.


It is important to have professionals refinish your hardwood floors for many reasons. If mistakes are made they are much harder to cover up when you don’t have the experience. You will also be working with heavy equipment. Professional refinishing will minimize the amount of dust that escapes into your home, leaving you with less cleanup time after.



Stop by our Premier Carpet One showroom in North Ridgeville, OH and speak with a flooring expert today about refinishing your hardwood floors.

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